About Harvesting Vitality

Harvesting Vitality is a small-batch apothecary that specializes in handcrafted herbal honeys and electuaries. Our original recipes are formulated by our owner, Catie Winters, who is a clinical herbalist and nutritionist with more than a decade of experience.

Our Story

In 2011, Catie had a sick client who visited her wellness practice for herbal support. She typically offered tinctures or tea blends for her clients; however, this man was a recovering alcoholic and unable to take alcohol-based tinctures. He also didn’t feel comfortable making herbal teas himself. Catie needed to look outside the box to find a way that he could ingest herbs comfortably and safely.

Looking for a solution, Catie remembered a time-tested formula called an “electuary” that blends together powdered herbs and honey to make a sweet-tasting, herbal spread. She pulled out her jars of herbs and raw honey and crafted a custom electuary to help her client, who went on to feel healthier and more vibrant with time and lifestyle adjustments.

Catie’s success with this client helped her realize that electuaries make it easier (and tastier!) to receive herbal support for a wide variety of daily concerns, including digestion, allergies, immunity, cramps, and more. Word spread and the honeys grew in popularity. Catie developed more than 20 original electuary recipes and launched Harvesting Vitality in 2012 to help more people benefit from herbs’ nourishing support without sacrificing taste or convenience.

Harvesting Vitality honeys are sold in various store and health center locations throughout California, Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Our Mission


At Harvesting Vitality, it’s our mission to bring herbal support into as many households as possible while simultaneously supporting the Earth.


We take the utmost care to use only the purest ingredients throughout our line, including raw Vermont honey and organic herbs that are sourced locally whenever possible. All of our honeys are packaged in recyclable and reusable glass jars to make them as environmentally friendly as possible.


We truly believe that herbs offer a wellspring of healing support. By mixing them with raw honey, we hope to share herbs in a way that even the pickiest of eaters can enjoy. These time-tested herbal spreads make it easy to infuse your life with even more plant-based goodness. Stir them into your tea, add a dollop to your smoothie, even lick them straight off your spoon!


Last, but certainly not least, we hold a deep reverence for bees, the maker of our precious honey and perhaps the most important creatures for life as we know it. A practice of gratitude and praise to all life, and particularly to the bees, while making and taking this form of botanical medicine is a healing practice for both the self and the world.



We’d love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our herbal electuaries or would like to schedule a holistic wellness consultation with Catie.

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