Functional Nutrition & Herbal Medicine Services

Initial Session: Holistic Health Consultations

In this first session, Catie will listen to your health history, life experience and review your current state of health through a vitalist and functional medicine lens in an attempt to understand the roots of current imbalance and to better advise you on your personal health goals. After a thorough 2-3 hour initial session and assessment (including review of any accompanying lab work brought in), in order to to help you raise your vitality and experience greater health in body, mind and spirit, she offers specific recommendations in the following categories: herbal medicine, functional nutrition (elimination diet support as needed, adjustments and enhancements, which can include recipes, special diet planning and cooking/food preparation instruction), flower essence therapy, professional-level supplements and nutraceuticals, mind-body practices and lifestyle recommendations. During holistic health consultations, you may choose to focus solely on nutrition or herbal medicine recommendations if preferred.

Holistic Health Coaching: Follow-up Sessions

After the initial intake, Catie will meet with you to discuss and collaboratively design a therapeutic plan. Protocols may often include nutritional adjustments, herbal remedies, professional-level supplements, flower essences, mind-body practices and other lifestyle additions that may support your goals.

Vitality Boost Health Package

A series of six in-depth health consultations intended to support the flow of the Vital Force (Chi or Prana) for greater health and overall wellbeing. The goal is to address root-causes of chronic illness, remove obstacles, rebalance, deeply nourish and address your primary health goals through dietary, botanical and lifestyle modifications grounded in evidence-based research, clinical experience and traditional knowledge systems. 

All Holistic Health Consultations include assessment (including review of any accompanying lab work), suggested protocols for nutritional adjustments and enhancements, herbal medicine, flower essences, lifestyle practices and referrals if applicable. She can also work collaboratively as a support with primary care physicians or specialists as needed or desired. Herbal remedies are custom formulated for clients and supplements can be purchased through the online client Wellevate portal or directly, in office.

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