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What is an electuary?

An electuary is a delicious combination of honey and powdered herbs. This sweet-tasting, ancient preparation is a wonderful way to add more beneficial herbs to your diet, even if you have a picky palette. Stir a spoonful of our handcrafted herbal honeys into tea, slather some on toast, add a dollop to your morning smoothie – the possibilities are endless.

Our Mission

At Harvesting Vitality, it’s our mission to make herbs more approachable and delicious for anyone seeking a plant-powered boost. We believe that herbs offer a wellspring of health and vitality. 


Sustainability and quality are always top of mind, which is why we source our raw Vermont honey locally, use only organic herbs, and package our electuaries in recyclable or reusable glass containers.

Wellness Consultations

Our owner, Catie, offers wellness consultations for clients across the United States and beyond. As a clinical herbalist and functional nutritionist with more than a decade of experience, Catie will help you develop a holistic plan for greater health and vitality through the use of herbs, nutrition, flower essences, high-quality supplements, lifestyle habits, and more.

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