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Healing, revitalizing, and medicinal, raw honey has been heralded for millennia as a miraculous medicine and super food. In gratitude for the wise ones who have come before us, we offer a new take on an ancient form of botanical medicine, herbal electuaries (herbal honey medicine).


Traditional knowledge and ancient medical systems around the world have always known that when we optimize digestion, optimize hydration, diminish stress load, support the body with proper rest and movement and use food-as-medicine in conjunction with diverse botanical medicines and wild foods, even the most chronic diseases have the ability to turn around.


Our Herbal Honey Electuaries are strictly handmade, using the highest quality organic herbs (locally grown or harvested whenever possible) and raw honey. The blend is truly more of a paste due to the quantity of herbs combined with honey. Our signature products contain the powder of freshly ground organic herbs to ensure the highest quality of freshness and efficacy. These powders are blended with the honey so that you may receive the benefits of the whole herb.

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Harvesting Vitality

At Harvesting Vitality, we are deeply passionate about botanicals, crazy about magical bee nectar, and even more in love with the marriage of plant medicines and honey. The blending of herbs and honey is a practice likely far more ancient than our written texts lead us to believe. Humans have evolved with plants forever; we are intimately infused with and genetically, psychologically, and spiritually changed by them.

Reverence for Bees

Bees are perhaps the most important creatures for life as we know it on this planet. Due to ecological destruction, chemical agriculture and technological influences, their existence is extremely endangered. Around the world, ancient cultural beliefs, practices and goddesses arose in reverence to bees, offering modern humanity the opportunity to accept and incorporate such knowledge and wisdom into all that we do.


Through all of their life-giving work, bees create the most delicious, healing nectar. They could never receive enough praise for all that they do for us and this world.

The reverence given to bees through the many culturally diverse ancient schools of worship and gods devoted to these insects only gives us a tiny semblance of understanding that ancient peoples had of bees and their significance to life on Earth.

And, through all of the life-giving work they offer, they create the most delicious, healing nectar. They could never receive enough praise for all that they do for us and this world.

Potent Herbal Honeys

Our herbal honeys are potent; this helps to minimize the amount of high-quality, raw, Vermont honey that we use, while maximizing the medicinal healing capacity in each jar.

A practice of gratitude and praise to all life, and particularly to the bees, while making and taking this form of botanical medicine is a healing practice for both the self and the world.


We encourage you to take on this daily practice in whatever way fits your unique being. 

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