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Digestive Tea Recipe with Chamomile and Fennel

Ah, the holidays. A time to feast with abandon on delicious, rich foods — followed, perhaps, by a bit of regret as our bodies do their best to digest all of it. Fortunately, there are herbal allies we can call upon in such situations to support gastrointestinal function and ease digestive discomfort.

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Our 5 Favorite Herbs to Boost Immunity

A complex network of organs, cells, and tissues, the immune system is your body’s first line of defense against illness. Because it works within and between the body’s other systems, we can foster optimal immunity by bringing all of these systems into balance — a process that can be supported with herbs.

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5 Health Benefits of Honey — in Ancient Times and Today

Honey’s use for health and healing is older than the history we have to trace it. But the health benefits of honey are not merely ancient tales. Although scientific research once minimized traditional wisdom when it came to honey’s benefits, many researchers have validated the healing, revitalizing, and medicinal properties of honey in the last few decades.

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The Grace of Adaptogens through Transition and COVID 19

We are nearing the end of summer, and what a unique and interesting summer it has been for so many of us. Big life changes have been catapulted into this shared reality and the looming question of whether or not school will begin in-person or if we will again go into lock-down, anxiously hangs over our hearts and minds.

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