Herbal Honey Electuaries

When we mix honey with plant medicines, we find a very potent healing elixir gifted to us by the amazing little honey bee, botanical medicines of the world, and the work of our hands. Our herbal honey electuaries are strictly handmade, using the highest quality organic herbs (locally grown or harvested whenever possible) and raw honey. The blend is truly more of a paste due to the quantity of herbs combined with honey.

About Our Electuaries

The mixing of carefully crafted herbal powder formulas into raw honey is a labor of love.

Our signature herbal honey electuaries contain the powder of freshly ground organic herbs to ensure the highest quality of freshness and efficacy. These powders are blended with the honey so that you may receive the benefits of the whole herb.

The proper name for this herbal medium is an “electuary,” and they are delectable.

We Currently Make 20 Different Herbal Honeys

We Currently Make

20 Different Herbal Honeys

Herbal Honey Electuaries including Pregnancy Honeys and Children’s Honeys.

You can find our wonderful blends of herbs and honeys at these local stores:


Custom Blends & Special Orders For Honeys and Powders

Do you have a special request or health condition that you do not find a honey to support you with? We would love to a create custom honey for you! Please contact us to schedule a consultation with Catie Winters, certified clinical herbalist, clinical nutritionist and owner.

In addition to our honey, we understand that some individuals are not inclined or able to ingest honey for health conditions or other reasons. We offer an herbal powder or loose leaf tea for each product, as well as any custom blend. These powders can be mixed into hot water to make a tea, mixed into food or can be encapsulated upon request.

Wholesale Requests

Please contact us if you are interested in selling our herbal honey electuaries in your business. Application and order forms are available upon request.

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